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Here’s the thing…

Here’s the thing about looking at everyone else and wishing you were them because it looks like they’ve got it better than you… 1. Not everything and everyone is what they seem – especially on social media.2. If they really are as fabulous as they appear, then I can guarantee they got there by working …

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More Tanners and Bobs by Anon

My oh my, every word rings a bell, not only ‘jumpers for goalposts’ but other things as well.Throwing sticks into trees, those conkers WILL fall, bikes with no brakes, a fixed wheel was all, ‘cowhorn’ handlebars, no mudguards at all. Throwing stones at each other, health and safety unknown, no hard hat playing cricket, plastic …

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Translation Service

Translation Service French to English/English to French translations Carried out by certified Translator working in conjunction with French Counterpart A very personal and efficient service. Rates upon application.

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