Here’s the thing…

Here’s the thing about looking at everyone else and wishing you were them because it looks like they’ve got it better than you…

1. Not everything and everyone is what they seem – especially on social media.
2. If they really are as fabulous as they appear, then I can guarantee they got there by working harder than everyone else and becoming the best version of themselves.
3. If you want that for yourself, you are going to have to take the hard road and do exactly the same.

  • Be inspired by fantastic people, use them as the evidence of what can be achieved but don’t spend too long there, step away from your device and go and get yourself sorted!
  • Find the things that light you up from the inside
  • Help others as much as you can
  • Make no excuses
  • Do whatever it takes till you get where you know you should be
  • While your doing all this – just be you!!!
  • Get to know yourself better and learn to love yourself a lot more

You can only ever be you so find the very best version of you and share that awesome person with everyone 💕

Mandy Breen 6 February 2022

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