How it all Works


Covid has challenged and changed most aspects of our lives and has made it more important than ever before that the generations coming on behind us understand the contrasts of life before, during and after a global pandemic.

Lifting of restrictions means that we are able once again to talk through face to face  the events that shape your story but we can equally arrange to speak over the phone if that feels more comfortable.

Memories don’t necessarily return in an orderly fashion and that’s where we come in.  We will listen, expand, explore, edit and write up as necessary – holding true to YOU and YOUR voice, intonation and phrasing.

The conversations are never hurried.  You dictate the pace.  We will never press you.  We can speak once a week or once a month.  It’s up to you.  And because we send you drafts of the work and bill as we go along,  should you need to pause for any reason, we can do that too – and  then resume at a later date.

When you are happy that all is well and  you have added  the photos, newspaper articles or whatever might be relevant to your story, the fun bit of choosing the type of book happens.  Soft cover, hard cover, colour, size and so on and we will take you carefully through the process to ensure the final book is exactly the way you want it.


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